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Kitti founded Holistic Kiwi when she was unable to find a skin and massage salon that met the standards that she was used to in New Zealand.

Due to her personal struggle with Dermatitis, she understands the importance of quality products and honest therapists. After many years of training in Seido Karate, Kitti has had her fair share of injuries and is passionate about helping others reach their full potential.

With international qualifications in Beauty Therapy, Spa Therapy and Body & Nutrition (CIBTAC, CIDESCO, NZQA, TCI), Kitti has been helping clients meet their goals for nearly 10 years.


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Beauty Therapist Mary Darbyshire (CIDESCO, ITEC, NZQA) joined the Holistic Kiwi team in early 2019. She and Kitti met randomly mid 2018, figured out they shared similar qualifications, and hit it off right away!

Another Kiwi lass, she is also passionate about skin health, and loves learning about how the body’s systems on the inside can reflect on the outside.

Mary has suffered with Psoriasis, as well as Acne. Her first hand experience with these issues, coupled with her can do attitude, make her the perfect addition to the Holistic Kiwi Team!

She has undergone more indepth massage training with Kitti, and is currently busy with a Holistic Therapy Diploma to add to her skill set which she hopes to complete by the start of 2020.


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Kiwi born, to Dutch parents, Jason moved to the Netherlands when he was 13. He is fluent in both Dutch and English.

By trade an App Design & Usability Architect, Jason is our guy when it comes to all non-treatment things such as; Branding, Marketing, Finances, Navigating Beurocracy but most importantly; Ensuring clients can experience the best of what holistic Kiwi has to offer.

Jason brings a fresh (and male) voice to how we can improve our business and he challanges us on all aspects.

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